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Your pets need special care and handling to get to their new home. Here are a few tips on moving them.





It is not practical to move fish in their aquarium. Plan on giving the fish away and restocking the aquarium when you arrive at your new home.





Cats and dogs can be shipped by air or taken along in the family car.


If you are flying to your new destination, your cat or dog can ride in the baggage compartment. Your pet will need a health certificate from your vet. Call the airline in advance to find out about special boxes they may have. If you are going to use your own container for your pet, make sure it complies with the airline's regulations.            It is also a good idea to get some tranquilizers from your vet to give to your pet right before going to the airport. You may want to put a piece of clothing with your scent on it in the animal's box so it will feel more at home.




If you aren't flying with your pet, but are having it shipped by air, make sure someone is on the other end to pick it up at the airport and take care of it until you arrive. The easiest way is to hire a kennel. Many kennels can take the pet several days before you move (keeping it out of your way), box it and take it to the airport.


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